Monday, January 16, 2012


Toddler (C) is trying to pick a fight with Tween (J).  I know you don't believe me because Toddler is such an angel-girl, so I will relate the conversation.

C has a bag of 100 ball pit balls, which J poured all over the living room and dining room at her request. Naturally this made me SO VERY happy, so I asked them to put the balls away.  J tried to convince C to help him, but of course she loudly refused.  Then C stole J's big bear, insisting that the bear is hers.  A peaceable fellow, J capitulated on all points and began retrieving balls from under the dining room table.

C:  Momma!!  He won't fight with me!
Me:  Who?
C:  HE won't!  The boy!
Me (a tad confused):  What boy?
C:  THAT boy!  That ugly boy in the dining room!  That ugly boy won't fight with me!

Is "first obnoxious insult" something to celebrate?


  1. Not sure, but I'm all distracted by J refusing to fight....can he come give lessons??? I have a tween who seriously needs to learn not to take that particular bait. (sigh)

  2. If she was just a wee bit older, I'm sure he wouldn't have the wherewithal to ignore it. She does bait him successfully quite often, but I keep telling him that she's only two and doesn't mean it. I hope I'm not lying!