Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dolly Love

She took a bath with Teen's old bathtub dolly.  Of course Dolly's swimsuit got wet, so we had to pick a new outfit.

This was Toddler's first experience with changing doll clothes.  She was absolutely transfixed by the idea...and by the possibilities!  She dug wildly through a small box of doll clothes, carefully selecting this lovely outfit:

A bright yellow and blue soccer uniform.
A pair of neon pink and green striped socks.
A pink and brown hiking boot.
A sneaker.
A flowered aqua corduroy jumper.
A floppy denim hat.
Groovy, groovy sunglasses.

If dressing this doll reflects her fashion sense, she's got a wild streak.  At least when she becomes a super villain she'll be easy to spot.

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