Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Is There A Vaccine For That?

Today C got her MMR vaccine.  She was very worried about getting a shot, so I explained that a momentarily painful shot was better than getting a very bad disease.

At the appointment, we were given an information sheet about the MMR vaccine.  C was reading all the details of problems caused by the three diseases.  She came to me and spoke very seriously:

"Momma!  I definitely don't want to get measles, mumps, or rebellia!"

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Don't Go Breakin' His Heart

C snugs into my lap for a hug.

Me:  I love you more than the biggest hug in the universe!
C:  Why did you say that?
Me:  Because it's true!
C:  Oh!  (Climbs off my lap and starts playing in the living room)

Five minutes later:

C:  Momma, can you be the one to tell J that you love me more than anyone else?


A Star Is Born

C:  Momma! You know the Christmas story we are doing in Sunday School?  I'm going to be a star!   And do you know why?
Me:  No, why?
C:  Because stars are BRIGHT and BOLD!  I'm the one, all right!!