Thursday, January 5, 2012

I spy!

We bought two rubber duckies at WalMart, then drove home. This is our conversation in the car.

C: I spy wiff my little eye...sumping...uh...LELLOW!
J: That sign?
C: Nope!
Me: The light?
C: Nope! My DUCKY!!!


C: I spy wiff my little eye...sumping...PINK!
J: Is it...


C: I spy wiff my little eye...sumping...uh...BROWN! Dat a good idea!
J: Is it Momma's coat?
C: No!
J: Is it...
C: It a tree!


I spy wiff my little!
J: What is it?
C: I. Don't. Know.
Me: Where is it?
C (pointing at the dashboard): Right THERE!
Me: That button?
C: YES!! You right! It a button!!


These are the days we live for.  So much fun!

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