Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Presence of the Lord

Sitting through the worship service with a toddler who can sight read a few words but has no social skills is difficult.  As the words to the songs are projected onto the screen in the front, the toddler in the back is very proud of herself.
"Look!  The!  I found the word The!"
"Mommy!  And!  It say And!"
"With!  With, Mommy!"

But the best one, by far (and you know this kind of thing always happens during a lull), was this:
"Mommy!!  I SEE GOD!!"


  1. And I feel the presence of the Lord every time I read what Miss C is up to. I'm starting to think we need to civilize them less and let them lead us to God, more.


  2. A very sweet, and very true, way of looking at it, Mrsb!