Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tiger Talk

She has two small toy tigers.

C:  I have two tigers!  One, two!
Me:  Are they talking to each other?
C:  Yes!  They talking to 'chother.
Me:  What's this one's name?
C:  Tiger!
Me:  What's that one's name?
C:  Chother!

One day I fully expect to hear her follow this type of conversation with a nice, round "Duh, Momma!"


  1. Dont you wish she came with the thought bubbles? (then again, maybe not :P) She is just precious and I really believe she will cherish these stories when she is older

  2. I think thought bubbles might be a dangerous thing! Then again, I'd know when she was plotting to overthrow the government (the family government, that is)!