Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rock On!

We've changed the rules of hide and seek so that we hide an object instead of a person. Today's object is a toy airplane, and I hid it in the closet where we keep our shoes and coats.

C: I can't find it! I need a hint.
Me: It's where we go to get ready to leave the house.
C: The car! The garage!
Me: No...before we go outside, we get ready to leave. Where do we go?
C: In the kitchen!
Me: No...before we go anywhere, we do something.
C: We open the door!
Me: Well, we do, but there's something we do before that. Whenever we go anywhere in the car, what do we put on?
C: I know! THE RADIO!!!

This is what happens when your teens hog the audio controls in the car!

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