Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gotta Dance!

When H&J were little, I'd see moms pushing one of those big shopping carts with the plastic car on the front, only the car was empty and the kid was cavorting in the store aisle, and I'd think, "Oh, I'd NEVER put up with that!"

Then yesterday came. I was pushing this wheeled behemoth through the aisles when I saw her sparkly jelly sandal poke through the door of the plastic car.

Me: Put your foot back in the car, honey!
C: But Momma! I need to get out!
Me: I think you need to stay in! Why do you want to get out?
C: Because I need to dance to the MUSIC!

Perhaps other customers thought there was something wrong with my head as I pushed the cart with the empty car through the store. I like to think, though, that if someone actually wants to appreciate and enjoy the piped-in store music, more power to her!

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