Monday, February 11, 2013

To Tell The Truth

Sigh. Been teaching her (or trying) to tell the truth for the past few days.

Me: The truth is what is REALLY happening. (Picks up a pen) I have an elephant in my hand.
C (laughing): No, Momma! You have a pen in your hand!
Me: Right! I said I have an elephant in my hand, but that's not the truth.
C: No! That's not the truth.
Me: Do I have a pen in my hand?
C: Yes!
Me: That's the truth! Now what if I say I have nothing in my hand? Is that true?
C: No! That's not truth! You have a pen!

C grabs a marker 5.2 seconds later.

Me: Do you have a marker in your hand?
C: No! I have nothing in my hand!
Me: Is that the truth? You have nothing in your hand?
C: Yes! That's the truth!

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