Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tech Support

Last night I was doing the church bookkeeping on the Official Church Computer. We keep it on a table behind the couch so I can work without leaving the room. The computer is out of C's easy reach. She can get into it but knows she is not allowed to.

I left the room briefly to get something. While I was gone, I heard C saying, "I typing my words on your letters, Momma!" Click, click, click. Sure enough, she had climbed onto the couch and leaned over the back, and was punching buttons on my keyboard.

In an effort to stop her from doing any damage, I quickly called out, "C! What are you doing?"

She turned to the screen, swirled the mouse around a bit, and with a look of consternation said, "Momma, it look like you have a problem here."

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