Friday, September 19, 2014

There Might Be Dragons...

Me:  We shouldn't do things like that because they are dangerous.
C (enthusiastically):  Oh!  You're right!  We shouldn't do dangerous things! ... Momma, what's dangerous mean?
Me:  It's when we do something that could easily be harmful.
C:  Like what?  What's something dangerous?
Me:  Well, standing on the arm of the rocking chair to reach something is dangerous.
C:  I did that today!  It was dangerous, wasn't it?
Me: Yes, it was.
C:  So standing on the arm of the rocking chair is dangerous.
Me:  Yep!
C:  And playing with dragons!  That seems dangerous!
Me:  Wha ...?
C: Unless they are nice dragons.  Then it's okay.
Me:  Well, but you won't know if it's a nice dragon or not until it's too late.
C:  Oh.  That's true.  So when I see a dragon in the back yard, I should stay inside.  Thanks, Momma!

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