Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sexist (sorry!)

My son was raised with an older sister. He learned skills like reading, playing quietly, conversational play, and social eating (aka tea parties).

My little girl is being raised with an older brother. She's learning skills like crashing vehicles, saying "fart" and "butt" as often as possible, and eating bizarre combinations of food.

Having a boy-with-big-sister was far, far less embarrassing than having a girl-with-big-brother.


  1. I'm laughing just a teeny tiny bit. Somehow I have the feeling that Princess Tea Parties and Ballerinas and other gentle pursuits aren't her cup of tea for reading material either?

    You see what I had to work with by the time the Empress came along.

    1. She's a very eclectic reader. Her favorite is Curious George (naturally!), but she makes time for pink, glittery books, too.

      I can imagine the fun your Empress had with such thorough boyhood guiding her!